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    A Game of Thrones

    “A Game of Thrones” (AGOT) - глобальный мод для CK II по вселенной Джорджа Рэймонда Ричарда Мартина "Песнь льда и пламени" (ПЛиО), фэнтези саге, где большие и малые лорды соперничают в борьбе за земли льда и пламени, от Вестероса и семи королевств на западе до Кварта на востоке
    В стране, где лето длится долгие годы, а зимы десятилетиями, девять великих домов сражаются за контроль над семью королевствами Вестероса.
    Возьмите под свой контроль благородный дом, от Старков из Винтерфелла до Ланнистеров в Утёсе Кастерли и заполучите железный трон!
    Но помните, зима близко.

    Для стабильной работы мода необходима 64-битная система и 4 Гб оперативной памяти

    Скачать 1.6 для 2.8.1
    Форум разработчиков
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    Crusader Kings
    В следующем обновлении игроки с соответствующим DLC могут изменять имена драконам.
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    Crusader Kings
    Разработчики говорят, что у них есть куча интересных вещей для следующего релиза.
    С помощью нескольких сабмодов, по типу Века крови, в моде появятся новые закладки и можно будет поиграть за королей первых людей, вторгнуться в Вестерос за андалов и увидеть Валирию до Рока.

    Размер скринов такой же мелкий и в оригинале, так что простите.
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    Crusader Kings
    Вышла новая версия - 1.6
    Чексумма: GRSL
    Совместима с: 2.8.1


    Patch 1.6 Notes
    This patch mainly concerns patch 2.8 and The Jade Dragon DLC, with many new additions and fixes

    - Updated mod for 2.8
    - Major portrait updates
    - Valyrian steel swords and dragon eggs now use the artifact system.
    - Rename dragons, swords and other artifacts
    - AI is less likely to kidnap random young women
    - Reinstated ursine shenanigans
    - Improved dragon-feline interaction

    Century of Blood, Westeros Only and other new official submods will follow soon.

    Full changelog below.

    Version 1.6
    - Updated mod for 2.8

    Jade Dragon/2.8:
    - Integrated some DLC falvour events and event pictures
    - Integrated vanilla write book events
    - Applied new monastic government to Norvos to make them playable
    - Applied new vanilla kinslayer system, also added a suspected kinslayer trait
    - Adapted JD hiring chinese strategist events to the mod
    - Linked maesters with the new teacher title
    - Added the new vanilla vassalisation casus belli
    - Andals can use force vassalisation against First Men
    - Added the new vanilla unjust war CB, game rule is defaulted to off
    - Yi Ti culture now puts dynasty name before first name
    - Added a special tributary type for the Sarnori mechanics

    Events, jobs, plots and decisions:
    - Added a modified version of the Rhoynar+ water magic. Can only be used in province bordering the rhoyne or it's tribuatries
    - Added a game rule for Targaryen coin flip event
    - A poor and weak AI patrician may now sell their family palace and patrician status to another lord
    - Added option to foreign tour to vist the wonders made by man (event text by Sinstar)
    - Holding upgrades now work via a settlement decision. They can also no longer fail.
    - Reworked vanilla 'weaken fellow vassal' plot. It can no longer result in war, and has improved AI logic
    - Added an 'old and lonely' mourning event
    - Improved vanilla 'arbitrary' trait events
    - Kingsguard can now choose sides in a mega war
    - When successfully pressing a claim, a lord may now sometimes choose to vassalise the target rather than usurp
    - Added a decision to reassign a councillor to another vacant council position
    - Made it harder to legitimise bastards, only kings and independent rulers can now grant legitimisation in most circumstances
    - Added some smuggling events for pirates
    - Unlanded characters may now renounce or take up piracy
    - Kingdoms inherited by distant relatives who are not dynasts now usually fall into interregnum (applies to Dany in Meereen)
    - Improved dragon-feline interaction
    - Removed vanilla ask to embargo action and replaced with a decision for the mod, so AI and other conditions can be better controlled.
    - The Iron Throne's traditional capital can now dynamically change to king's landing and other places
    - Valyrian Steel wars now starts via an ultimatum issued via diplomatic interaction
    - Added more Others update events
    - Adjusted structure of siege take prisoners event, including added option to put them all in house arrest which precludes subsequent requests for house arrest
    - Jon Snow now gets the deserter trait if he accepts Stannis' offer and is defeated in the North
    - Added more options for replies to demands for raiding redress
    - Mercenary company wealth is now distributed amongst its members
    - Added events informing others of interesting trials by combat/court
    - Added notification event whenever a random combat skill increase is successful
    - Robb now makes some friend in his first ACoK event
    - The event for faith of the seven high valyrians to take an extra 'spouse' is now a decision
    - Using wildfire in an offensive siege is now a decision
    - When the Great Sept is built in King's Landing it is now named after whoever built it
    - Made some revisions to Danny Flint event chain
    - The player can rename their newborn dragons to whatever they like
    - Non-valyrians can now convert to valyrian culture if one of their parents is valyrian
    - Added an option to grant a landless character a vacant kingdom if the capital is held by a vassal republic
    - Added notification for when commanders are defeated in personal combat during battle
    - Added a Marwyn the Mage event in AFFC
    - Added an event where a ruler can try to force their widowed relatives to get married
    - The force marriage decision can now be used between prisoners and any available courtier
    - The player can now directly pick slave breeding partners from the decision menu
    - Landholding priests of the Boash religion will get the blinded trait
    - If Victarion uses the dragon horn, there is now a chance that Euron will get the dragon
    - Few important Reach Lords can now choose to follow Stannis or Tyrells after Renly's death during Parley at Storm's End

    - Valyrian steel swords now use the artifact system. Added a portrait indicator for owners of valyrian steel artifacts. Traits retained for dead characters for history purposes.
    - Added the option to view the past holders of valyrian steel artifacts
    - Added a decision to seize ancestral valyrian steel from prisoners. Also added a game rule to allow the seizure of any valyrian steel
    - Dragon eggs are now artifacts
    - Added dragon horns as artifacts that are very useful for dragon taming
    - The player can now rename most atrifacts (converted the 'destroy artifact' button into a 'manage artifact' button)
    - Added an option to sell an artifact
    - Added new portrait layer that displays equipped canon crowns
    - Converted flagships into artifacts
    - Patrician flagship feud event now uses flagship artifacts
    - When the AI obtains a generic valyrian steel it will now be given a dynamic name
    - Artifacts are now transferred after an interregnum council
    - Added a fire sword artifact
    - Added arakh, crystal sword and daaario's ladies artifacts
    - Dynamically forged Iron Throne crowns are now named after the first holder
    - Added more crowns, weapons, book and other misc artifacts
    - Added a special event for colonising Old Ghis
    - Fixed Royce Bronze Armor

    Alchemist Guild:
    - Erudite characters can now join the Alchemists Guild
    - Boosted chance of AI characters joining the Alchemists Guild
    - Fixed shortage of Wisdoms in the Alchemists Guild
    - Added a warning for the player when they cannot receive missions from The Alchemists Guild
    - Alchemists will no longer ask to go to The Citadel for training
    - Alchemists will no longer volunteer for the Night's Watch

    Character/Database setup (WARNING, SPOILERS AHEAD):
    - SPOILER: J can now find out about R+L at feasts, weddings and other events
    - Added Empress Khiara the Great's Lengi indepdence war to the Century of Blood bookmark
    - Added a second bookmark to Century of Blood for Harwyn Hardhand's invasion of the Riverlands
    - Changed some historical dates for ancient characters in Dorne
    - Qarth has control of the Jade Gate provinces in the Century of Blood
    - Added historical date changes for ancient characters to the Century of Blood files
    - The Yellow Emperor that married a Valyrian is no longer active in the Century of Blood, moved back 1000 years
    - Fixed House Branfield being kingslander culture
    - Jon is now friends with Robb and Arya
    - Updated stats/traits of Mance Rayder, Darkstar, Drogo, Mace Tyrell,
    - Added grandsons to House Norrey and Flint
    - Added unnamed Manderly household knight
    - Fixed Little and Big Walder birth dates
    - House Strong now owns the Red Fork
    - Added more blackfyre claimants to the Blackfyre lineage history
    - Added House Reyaan as a patrician house in Braavos
    - Made many adjustments and fixes to Targaryen, Velaryon and Blackfyre families
    - Updated history/traits of Justin Massey, Pycelle
    - Adjusted Euron's traits/stats and restored his eyepatch
    - Added Byan Votyris, Pello Greenbeard, Harmen Dondarrion, Roro Uhoris
    - Updated house Wode book era family
    - Fixed Terrance Storm's dynasty
    - Fixed Renly's birth date
    - Made some House Toland revisions
    - Made Euron and Theon/Asha rivals
    - Updated Jason Lannister's history
    - Updated Varamyr Sixskins family/traits/history
    - Updated the Harles wildling family
    - Updated Rhaenys' traits
    - Added quick trait to Maester Aemon
    - Added some canon black brothers
    - Made Santagar book era family bigger
    - Caswells are now neutral in Wot5K
    - Phillip Foote now backs the King in AFFC
    - Harrenhal vassals are now sworn to the Tullys in ACoK
    - Fixed succession laws in some iron islands titles
    - Whitehill-Forrester war is now only ongoing only in between ACoK and AFFC, to avoid interference with canon wars
    - Added some canon courtiers to Dany's court
    - Changed House Sunglass to Stormlanders rather than West Valyrians
    - Changed some historical character dates for ancient characters in the Reach
    - Changed some historical dates for ancient characters in the Vale
    - Made Harwood Stout one-armed
    - Other misc database updates/fixes

    - Made some revisions to siege capture events
    - Boosted chance of North/Vale AI getting a claim on The Sisters during the canon conflict period
    - Some casus bellis no longer give 100% war score when capturing the enemy
    - Revised conditions/AI for someone stealing the throne from a nominated female heir, player will no longer be forced into this
    - A sub-vassal can no longer declare independence from a dejure liege
    - The restriction on attempting to tame a dragon in a province owned by a dragon rider now also applies if the owner is a dragon riding dynasty (meaning the dynasty head is or has been a dragon rider)
    - Yellow Emperor invader can no longer have a dragon
    - A regent must now have some sort of claim/justification for stealing the throne via event. Now also incurs dishonour.
    - Lowered opinion of spouse threshold for becoming a widow
    - It is now harder for females of an agnatic culture to go on a landless adventure
    - Deaths in trials by combat are now slightly less likely
    - Rebalanced prestige/salary of all council and honourary titles
    - Added ticking unoccupied warscore to several casus bellis
    - Wildlings joining defensive coalitions is now less likely
    - Added a defeated major revolt modifier that gives fear, and prevents most rulers from joining factions against rulers with high fear
    - Pirate realms inherited by non-pirates now break up
    - Unlanded dragon riders may now sometimes reject marriages
    - If a wildling king is defeated during an invasion their realm may now shatter if they have insufficient prestige
    - Night's Watch, kingsguard, dragons etc can no longer be invited to court
    - High rank rulers now start with more prestige at the start of the game
    - Adjusted trial by combat champion requirements
    - Nomads can no longer seek raiding redress
    - Decreased chance of making friends at feasts
    - Pressing the claim of a courtier now results in a non-aggression pact
    - Dragon riders can now always use fabricate claim on liege title plot if liege is not a dragon rider
    - Reduced martial gain from dragon rider trait
    - Made tourney winners pursuing related queens of love and beauty less likely
    - The traits of a child's educator now has an effect on what childhood traits they may get (Conclave DLC)
    - Immortal characters will no longer become infirm, blind or incapable
    - Estimated duel skill now effects trait cost in ruler designer
    - Rulers can now surrender to emancipation war declarations
    - The player now has the choice on whether to usurp a nominated female heir
    - All province modifiers that effect build time now also effect colony completion time
    - Added some restrictions on when the vengeance CB can be used
    - Made Danny Flint event less likely
    - Increased fort level siege assault cap to 10
    - Added a 5 year opinion boost for characters who have won a kingsmoot, which also allows use of the ironborn invasion CB regardless of loyalists. Zealous trait also now allows this CB
    - Ironborn with certain traits are now more likely to join loyalist factions of a liege who can use the invasion CB
    - Made some adjustments to Euron's start in AFFC so that his vassals like him more
    - Liege's can no longer command a vassal to stand down if they are imprisoned by them
    - Night's Watch deserters can no longer call for coalition aid
    - Rulers at war with the faith will no longer get the option to join the Warrior's Sons

    - Rulers are less likely to join coalitions for foreigners or for wars between minor parties
    - Adjusted AI dragon intimidation. Will now never declare war on a strong dragon rider unless overwhelmingly more powerful.
    - Added some more AI restrictions to some plots
    - AI use of field of fire decision is now triggered by event, to ensure they use it in good time
    - Improved AI logic for accepting to be a trial champion (less likely to fight own relatives)
    - Improved AI post mega war punishment logic
    - Characters with the tame a dragon ambition may now actively seek a dragon to tame
    - Expanded AI traditional naming system to include more great houses
    - Made some adjustments to faction AI
    - Ai is less likely to kidnap random young women
    - AI regents may now fire their liege's councillors
    - The AI should now never transfer vassalage of The Kingsguard

    Graphics and portraits:
    Major portrait updates
    - Added many new portrait graphics improvements (westerosi, northman, ironborn, valyrian)
    - New Hair and Beards (Western, Northman, Dornish, Dothraki, Free Cities, Muslim, Ironborn)
    - New Clothes and Headgear (Andal, Dothraki, Ghiscari, Ironborn, Muslim, Myrman, Northman, Qartheen, Dornish, Western, Valyrian)
    - Fixed a headgear bug with Merchant portraits (new portraits now hide the missing hair that is triggered for slots 10, 12, 13 and 14)
    - New "Shared" graphics (artifact crowns, scars, illnesses)
    - New version of Norvosi beards
    - New Myrman ethnicity
    - CotF and Islander portraits replaced
    - Brindle portraits now use Dothraki clothes/headgear
    - Minor adjustment/fix to Western middle-aged male portraits nose and mouth position
    - Much needed fixes to the order of portrait layers for several cultures (example: some old portraits had scars appear above clothes)
    - Modified White Walker headgear. Metal crowns have been replaced with "Night King" style ice horns.
    - Added on to "red_dots" and "boils" (portraits now slightly change for warlock, white walker, undead, greyscale, greyscale scarred, stressed, drunkard, or sick characters)
    - Added new White Walker portrait components (base appearance mediated through red_dots, headgear updated)
    - Nefer now uses tibetan holding graphics
    - YiTish now use chinese portraits and holdings graphics
    - Fixed dodgy slavery event pictures
    - Added House Hardyng to dynamic CoA system
    - Added death icons for duels, sold into slavery, fire, wildfire, missing, dragons, stillborn, eaten and snu snu NOTE: need to check if the duel one automatically recolours red for known killers or not, if not get a red version of it
    - Added Brindlemen portraits by Fededorian
    - Added Lysten's Northman graphics
    - Updated Winter Crown in artifact gfx
    - New "Zorse" artifact picture
    - New Qohor flag (submitted by BlackGoat)
    - New religious portraits
    - Jogos heads slightly adjusted

    - The Three Sisters now use Iron Islands base value buildings (renamed)
    - Can now build base values in colonised nomad lands
    - Added a Volcanic Activity building to Shadowlands, Marahai and Valyria which has same effects as the Dragonmont
    - Sothoryos wealth buildings can now be built in Goggosos
    - Fair isle is now directly sworn to The Westerlands
    - Adjusted base values of some westerland holdings (including weakening Fang Tower)
    - Re-arranged some Stormland provinces
    - Fixed flea bottom shipyard
    - Removed the basilisk islander culture. Basilisk Isles now have random cultures in a similar fashion to The Stepstones
    - The Isle of Lice is now an inhabited island in the Basilisk Isles
    - Added more holdings to Trader Town
    - Increased supply limit in jungle provinces
    - Removed adjaciency beetween Holyhall and Inchfield as the first one is not bordering Mander

    - Made some optimisations based on event trigger frequency data
    - Ruler designer bastards are now given a bastard nickname if possible
    - Random high valyrians are no longer kept before 8050, instead they are converted to West/Essosi valyrian culture
    - The high valyrian cull now changes culture/appearance/name of invalid high valyrians instead of killing them
    - Made effects of harvest feast event clearer
    - Reinstated ursine shenanigans
    - Claimant adventurers now have title rank and style befitting their target. Can now also use dynamic COA
    - Tweaked notch draw loose event
    - Added many dynasty names by damocles
    - Added missing defined barony to Lannisport
    - Revised ransom offer events
    - Asabhad is now in the Yi Ti culture group and uses a mix of Hyrkoon and Yi Ti gods
    - Added council voting on forming/breaking alliances/pacts
    - Prohibited mythical characters from plots/ambitions
    - Added many scripture names for religions
    - Added some improved culture name sets by Damocles (Wildlings, valyrian, free cities, dothraki, ibbenese, summer islander)
    - Added maintenance culling large white walker courts
    - Added a maintenance event for Dany's quest fixing any breakages in the event chain
    - Made dragontamer nickname less prevalent
    - Missing characters are now considered inaccesible and are infertile
    - Made some adjustments to Nightswatch / white walkers calls to arms
    - Hunt subversives job action is now disabled if devil worshippers are disabled (there is nothing to hunt)
    - Made it impossible to hold claims on many special titles
    - Changed Rose and Lion automatic join-to-war to ten years alliance beetween Mace and Joff so Mace is now called to arms by Joffrey to both anti-Robb and anti-Stannis wars. Only if started while Renly is alive.

    Internal Scripting:
    - Added a is_smart_incl_genius_trigger and is_dumb_incl_imbecile_trigger scripted triggers
    - Added a is_old_gods_religion_trigger scripted trigger, which checks if a character is any version of an old gods religion
    - Added a can_assign_admiral_trigger scripted trigger
    - Changed internal dragon culture code to dragon_culture (to avoid clashing with cached dragon trait)
    - Adjusted how tyranny is applied, using new on_tyranny_gained_tyrant_only on action
    - Put dragons in their own culture/religion group
    - Added a stillbirth_chance_effect scripted effect
    - Updated increase_red_god_magic to use if, else_if, else structure so it can be used without exiting an entire effect
    - Removed all instances of NOT = { has_global_flag = pre_conquest_scenario } and replaced with start_date = 8000.1.1
    - Added a true_valyrian_culture_trigger trigger (high, west or essosi valyrian)
    - Optimised many decisions using new ai_check_interval option
    - Removed much AI yearly slavery and wildfire maintenance and merged it into decisions (using ai_check_interval)
    - Added some more conditional tooltips to various things
    - Added ai = no pre-trigger to many decisions
    - Utilised new death_effects and lose_effects in several minor titles
    - Implemented show_only_failed_conditions = yes to some decisions
    - Implemented dynasty = actually_culture to various create_character effects

    - Starks can no longer savage a dragon to death in their sleep
    - Dragons can no longer be burned at the stakes as apostates
    - White Walkers will no longer visit your brothel
    - Fixed pirates sometimes being able to invade kingdoms
    - Adjusted ruin maintenance eto ensure ruined flags are always present
    - Novices exiled from The Citadel now lose maester education modifier
    - Fixed destroying your own flagship when liberating your capital in a siege
    - Removed buggy dynasty claim plot
    - Fixed receiving carousing invites from a dead person
    - Fixed Ai not picking a syncretic faith
    - When a character converts they now lose their syncretic faith
    - Fixed overthrow monarchy resolution in Norvos
    - Fixed bug where if senior Triarch lost election and was only left with their family palace they would lose this palace within a day
    - Fixed slave labour modifiers not applying to family palaces
    - Fixed CTD when changing character caused by missing councillor map graphics
    - Kingsguard at war with the king can no longer be used in trial by combat or battlefield/plot protection
    - Fixed special Robert's Rebellion interregnum
    - Fixed religious revolt leaders sometimes usurping patrician family palaces
    - Paranormal devil worshipper maluses can now only occur when magic has returned to the world
    - Fixed r+l parentage decision not working in some cases
    - Immortal resurrected characters can no longer die of old age
    - Infants can no longer gain personality traits from feast/siege events
    - Fixed Nightsong not being seized by Stannis when he wins the Iron Throne
    - Fixed instance of broken legitimise daeron the good decision
    - Fixed hacking off limb to cure greyscale never working
    - Fixed duplicated inherited dragon egg exploit
    - Fixed women getting reaving salt wife event
    - Fixed looping cuckolding opinion bug
    - Fixed Household Guard not working in patrician palace holdings
    - Fixed some issues with 'republic' military commands
    - Fixed bug where a baron tier patrician would lose their patrician status when colonising a ruin
    - Incapables can no longer become Azor Ahai
    - Titular kingdoms with a unique title will be given that title on startup if the kingdom is active
    - Added missing localisation for event cold_winds.67
    - Fixed Old Ghis not being a ruin in Cenutry of Blood
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